Jessica Thomas
SHOWS 2020

BA Surface Pattern Design

My personal major project, ‘Imperfect Beauty’ is influenced by floral and architectural forms, the battle between the natural and man-made, and the idea that in the end the natural world will eventually take over. By focusing on these elements, I create the aesthetic of walking through deserted and abandoned places where organic shapes interlock themselves between once loved architectural structures creating a stunning capsule collection for unisex fashion. 

After achieving my MDes next year, I hope to find her dream job as a print designer for an ethical fashion brand based in Bristol. Alternatively, I am interested in teaching textile design while creating a range of my own printed products that can be sold on the side. 

Surface pattern design allows me to express her personality and interests through my work. There are no limitations in applying oneself meaning each designer has the choice to create in a way that best represents them and what they passionate about. It encourages you to feel positive about the future and the opportunities it holds.  

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