Johnathan Woodwards
MArts Postgraduate Year

Illustration is key to my practice, in which ideas of memory and remembrance are explored and developed through my creative practice as an artist working with the tattoo process. 

My work comprises of drawing on paper and tattoos together with photographic images in which I imagine scaling up ideas onto the skin of a building. A building was once a drawing too; an architect’s plan. The process of drawing has helped inform its shape and form, and I always think of a building as drawing in space. So by exploring; by giving the building a tattoo, I question how the addition of a drawing to the surface could possibly change how that building is looked at and thought about; can such a drawing render a different meaning?  

My work is normally intuitive, feeling based; rather than research based, though I look at a lot different cultures of tattoos from, Japan and across the globe, together with a UK based tradition of tattoos. Much of the work I do is in response to a particular personal story, often associated to loss or remembrance.  Certain symbols repeat in my practice, like references to time, nature and the fantastical or supernatural; to a world beyond the physical. 

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MArts Postgraduate Year