Jordan Charles
Graphic Designer
SHOWS 2020

BA (Hons) Graphic Design


Jordan is a curious and dynamic designer with a flair for style. In the past her work has been described as surreal and unique, as she is drawn to the more gritty, experimental side of graphic design. With a passion for traditional techniques such as letterpress, she favours the hands on approach and design that can be made into something physical. When she invests herself into a project she will give it 100% of her attention and approach it from every angle to ensure the best possible solution. 

Her favourite project to date has been turning her dissertation study into a newspaper, the whole process of which was unlike anything she had done before and she really enjoyed the flexibility of being able to work with a number of different visual styles. Jordan has really enjoyed her time in University but is now more than ready to try something new and to find her place in the creative world.   

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