Jordan Lee

Hello, my name is Jordan Lee and I am a game designer and 3D animator. 

Through my studies I have gained experience with all elements that can be found within an animation pipeline. Using the Maya platform, I have also acquired the ability to both manually rig and use the HumanIK tool to begin animation. Spending much of my academia in the animation role I have rigged and animated with both humanoid and reptile characters. Additionally, I have experience with rotoscoping and real-life referencing, which I then translate within the 3D environment.  

I also have a strong passion for world building and level design which I discovered within my final year. Following my dissertation study in breaking down the importance in inducing curiosity, and body language to build connections between player and the narrative, I quickly found a passion for concepting and designing levels, scripts and characters that encourage players to feel emotions. Due to my late exposure to this discipline, my skill as a level designer has much room for development. However, with the support of my background knowledge from my dissertation, I will pursue this aspect of game design moving forward.

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