Joshua Dodsley
SHOWS 2020

BA Transport Design

As a designer I am influenced by the integration of organic forms in design, the combination of biology and a designer to break down the difference between formed or built. Implementing nature to a concept, refining the organic shape to produce a unique aesthetic. Influenced by British artists such as Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth, how as designers we can manipulate the organic form to produce unique creations. Working with nature as designers to discover ways to elevate or sculpt the aesthetics of the future. 

My major project was to create a vehicle in response to the Amazon forest fires, with the intention to create a way of mobility to invent ourselves out of the environmental situation. Producing a transport solution that evokes the landscape in its design, inspired by nature and the landscape creating a vehicle that evokes exterior influences from its surroundings. Utilizing the power of erosion to inspire the interior and exterior creating a new styling movement for the transport industry, incorporating organic forms and environmental features to replace current automotive limitations. 

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