Juliet McKay
SHOWS 2020

BA Surface Pattern Design

The theme that I have chosen to focus on as my major project is the natural growth and renewal of plants and people, my finished designs are applied onto head scarfs, inspired for young women who have gone through or going through hair loss due to treatments such as chemotherapy.  

I chose this to be my main motivation as it is very personal, having endured this experience myself. I struggled to find a head scarf which was appropriate for me. The colours were dull and many of the fabrics itchy for my sensitive scalp. My aim is to create uplifting, colourful and fashionable scarves for women and for them to experience the feeling of confidence and positivity when the scarves are worn. I am really happy with how my designs came through onto fabric and I aim to create many more designs for headscarves and other forms of headwear.  

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