Kaylee Francis
SHOWS 2020

BA Photojournalism & Documentary Photography

Working as a photographer in Swansea, South Wales,  I am interested in exploring issues relating to the representation and misrepresentation of lower socio-economic communities.  

My work explores the possibilities of using photography and activism for agency and social change. 

The work Rough Edges is an on-going documentation of a council estate in Swansea, I was born and brought up in the area and still have strong connections and relationships with the community. I have been instinctively drawn to photograph the places and people I know here, in a way that is true to my experience, and which I hope contributes to a counter-narrative to the negative media representations typical of such communities. With mass-media being one of the most influential platforms in the world and with excessive consumption it has the ability to shape the world’s view and peoples’ identities. My intent is to explore how the lack of positive representation within the media effects the young impressionable mindsets of individuals coming from these areas.