Keiran Thomas
SHOWS 2020

Art & Design Foundation

I wanted to explore the destructive nature of architecture within our cities, through deconstructive principles and abstract and conceptual design. I have created 3 pieces that discuss this idea. 

The first print represents a typical cityscape setting. The bold lines evoking skyscrapers, disjointed and perhaps misplaced. As a society, we have embraced these forms over natural entities. The effect of the skyline emphasises the artificial forms we have produced over the landscape and the triangle eclipsing the sun represents our obsession with geometrical features which can and should be challenged. 

The second print, represents the effect of a skyscraper sinking into the ground, as a way of evoking the damaging perception of what is not natural within our cities. It is an obstructive form, reflected in the sun with a bold orange hue. 

The third print is a mountainous form, which can be considered natural and can be taken into an architectural form to produce a building. The jarring juxtaposition between the other prints boldly emphasises the conceptual renaissance of natural forms and something we must integrate back into our cities. 

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