Kena Brown
MArts Postgraduate Year

Kena Brown is a Manchester-born, Swansea based artist. Brown’s paintings are from her own life, where she aims for honest expressions focusing on layers and colours. Acting on instinct when painting, she does what comes naturally to her. Using oil paint, her colour palette is considered muddy but rich, showing the build-up of texture and the mixture of colours. A long duration of time is spent on the study of her chosen concept, to understand the reasoning of the making and the colours. Brown likes to document those who have meaning in her life and their surroundings but also indulges in abstracted form-like work to express and document her own personal atmosphere.   

The idea of Documentation in painting, provides her with the evidence and information of her being, in search of portraiture in still life. The focal point in her paintings is to document the​ time and​ the​ line ​of living. Describing any feelings resonated from each experience through painted colour forms. She considers this to be a freeze-frame of the self.   

The major part of Brown’s practice is the search for the development of change through reflection. She observes placed paint marks and identifies the pressure and the quantity of each mark, taking a mental note of its colour, blend and where it is placed in its composition. To make room for more expression of space and time, Brown feels her painting must settle to later understand the painting’s emotions and it’s thought pattern. 

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MArts Postgraduate Year