Laura Cashin
BA Fine Art

In different cultures, the rainbow is seen as a symbol. A bridge-way to eternal peace and tranquility, as with my installations and photographs they all hold elements of this symbolic gesture. The way the sunlight peers through casted reflections of movement brings a sensation of being serene and natural, sounds of uplifting, reflecting with harmonic occurrences brings my practice to life. The notion of colour psychology and the impression of meditation is the main subject of study within my practice. Causing a positive reaction, the purpose of my practice is to help people who are struggling with everyday situations which causes both anxiety and stress. The essence of light and colour convey different forms of peace which help improve emotional value. Whilst creating each installation piece, it did create a harmonic atmosphere which needed to be shared to an audience. At this present moment with the impact of being on lockdown, many people are finding different ways to cope and the impact of using the rainbow to show awareness and care for workers has truly inspired my project. I’ve recently developed a phrase that I work along that has really helped me to express my response, positivity goes a long way!

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