Lois Samuel
BA Fine Art

Exploring the human experience and perception, Lois Samuel works through a variety of mediums and is always open to trying something new to add to her own experiences. Recently diagnosed on the autism spectrum her connection with the theme of senses and how they affect experiences has strengthened as she now explores her different way of processing her surroundings.

Her fascination with random items, patterns and phenomena in the world and her drive to unlock their potential to become art drives how she works.

Lois has had her work described as capricious, whimsical and empathetic, drawing people in with bright and colourful abstraction to cover her broad subject of experiences, which she purposefully keeps open and vague in order to have multiple projects to work on at a given time.

Aspects of Lois’ graduate project can be seen at aspects-of-fun.web.app.

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Visit www.everydayviolence.co.uk for more.

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