Luke Woodford-Rott
Advertising and Brand Design Graduate
SHOWS 2020

BA (Hons)
Advertising and Brand Design


Luke is a textbook divergent thinker who he is able to generate multiple ideas and has the maturity and insight to realise which ideas work, and which do not.  

Luke’s work is sleek and deceptively simple, every facet of his design has a purpose and all excess fat is trimmed to leave only that which is essential, yet still aesthetically pleasing and visually interesting.  

Luke also uses a simplified colour palette favouring monochromatic colour schemes that have become a signature of his work. Luke is also a diligent and tenacious researcher, leaving no stone unturned before he even attempts to create a design. This knowledge and understanding of his subject helps him greatly in the design process.  Luke draws on everyday items and experiences for his inspiration and uses this to create work that is both authentic and interesting. 

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Martini Nineteen

D&AD Competition Brief – Create a brand experience that celebrates MARTINI’s campaign idea Let’s Make Time beyond traditional advertising. The solution was to create an app that would help people through the current enforced isolation caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The app would allow users to socialise and interact with friends and family through chatrooms, games, films, exercise, and shared relaxation. Martini NINETEEN allows you to be there without being there.

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Advertising and Brand Design Graduate