Marie Wilkinson
SHOWS 2020

BA Surface Pattern Design

Marie Wilkinson is a versatile surface pattern designer specialising in print for fashion who enjoys traditional textile printing alongside digital processes, using a variety of surface treatments.  

The collection was inspired by research into how human wellbeing and productivity is benefited by morning light and interaction with nature. Marie chose to use wildflowers as a visual subject in order to focus on the unfiltered natural, using a contrast of dark and light tones to acknowledge light.  

Luxurious fabrics such as fine silks and velvets are the main material focus of the collection due to their physical comfort and adaptability to print process, alongside the positive reaction they forge when touched – a physical interaction with our most powerful sense.  

In regards to process, Marie favours using reactive print pastes and devoré techniques within her screen printing in order to allow tonal detail, alongside inks and gouache within her primary drawing work.  

She is continuing her study in order to push her practice further by completing an MDes, with the hopes of forming a career as a print designer for a studio upon graduation.  

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