Matt Warren
SHOWS 2020

BA Automotive Design

Motivated, ambitious aspiring designer and modeller with a strong passion for cars, architecture, all things design and engineering excellence. Skilled visualiser able to transfer thoughts onto a page or into a 3D hard model. Adaptable, communicative and a team player, yet responsible and trustworthy when working unaccompanied. Highly creative and imaginative. 

The Project – Ferrari Centesimo  

Since 1947 Ferrari have been pioneers of the supercar winning hearts and minds all over the globe. Naturally 2047 will be the one-hundredth anniversary of the successful road car business so a supercar to mark the centenary would be apt. Inspired by biomimicry such as interweaving in nature, big cats and iconic past Ferrari supercars my new Ferrari supercar will look to the future whilst celebrating the past. The ‘big 5’ Ferrari models have been made to celebrate certain anniversaries in the company’s history and therefore my 2047 design will form the future of this historic and famous bloodline.