Matthew Evans
Games Designer
SHOWS 2020

Before enrolling on the Games Design course, I studied Product design, Photography and Computer science in Sixth Form at Gowerton school. I always liked video games and wanted to pursue a career in creating them.

On this course I’ve spent a lot of time researching how to use specific software and how to do certain techniques to produce the work. With the work done, I would ask my classmates for their feedback and ask how I could improve it or develop it further. I’ve enjoyed trying out a bunch of new software’s and also enjoyed making new friends, to work closely with them as part of a development team. It really makes the course feel like you’re working in a professional studio. Over the years I’ve used our working environment to my advantage. Working closely with others I am constantly sharing my work with classmates and therefor receiving feedback all the time. I use this feedback to further develop my work.

After graduation I play to further develop my work and build my portfolio. I also plan to get some work experience or a possible internship with an architectural visualisation company called ICreate3D. Throughout my time on the course I have had the opportunity to try out a bunch of different roles in the industry, ranging from planning and research to modelling and texturing. I’ve enjoyed all aspects of the course, but I mainly want to develop and pursue a career in modelling and texturing, developing a passion for this whilst working on the course.

I will always remember the memories we shared as a class, often meeting up, outside of Uni to go paintballing or rock climbing. Once a year we also went to a video game convention called ‘Insomnia’ where we could camp for 3 days and experience new games and explore the Convention Centre.


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