Matthew Simons
Advertising and Brand Design Graduate
SHOWS 2020

BA (Hons)
Advertising and Brand Design

Matthew is a confident and bold character whose belief is that the braver the idea, the more attention grabbing and ground breaking the final outcome will be. This is an attitude that he will take into his career in the creative industries. 

He is a charismatic and articulate individual whose talent for idea generation and conceptual development lead to courageous and successful outcomes.  Matthew draws heavily on popular culture for his inspiration with elements of film, music and fashion finding their way into his designs.   

He is an ‘ideas’ person first and foremost, preferring to dream up the big concepts and then direct other professionals to realise them.  This combined with an entrepreneurial spirit and plenty of ambition will hopefully take him a long way in his chosen career. 

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Personal Age

Working with Age UK to create a campaign to combat loneliness in old age by encouraging people to meaningfully, and regularly, connect with the elderly

Martini Nineteen

D&AD Competition Brief – Create a brand experience that celebrates MARTINI’s campaign idea Let’s Make Time beyond traditional advertising. The solution was to create an app that would help people through the current enforced isolation caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The app would allow users to socialise and interact with friends and family through chatrooms, games, films, exercise, and shared relaxation. Martini NINETEEN allows you to be there without being there.

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Advertising and Brand Design Graduate