Mitchell Newman
Games Designer
SHOWS 2020

BA Computer Games Design


Before enrolling on to the Games Design course, I went to Neath college  where I studied 6 different subjects – I was that unsure on what I wanted to do! I ended up with 3 AS levels and 3 A levels all creative subjects that have all helped me throughout my degree.

My main focus on the GAMES DESIGN degree has been mainly concept art for game characters. My adaptive nature continued and this later changed, progressing through the course, and I found myself becoming more interested in sculpting characters in Zbrush. This interest became more prominent in my final year after extensive research and finding out how much you can do in the program and the avenues it could potentially open up – not only for a career in game design but in VFX as well.

My knowledge of the programs used in the industry such as Maya, Zbrush and Substance Painter has significantly increased, as each year progressed. This is due to new obstacles occurring as you work and as a result, diving into the program moreso. Problem-solving is really the key. It is part of the fun. You know that if the problem happens again you now know how to solve it and this allows for further exploration, to find new features that you wouldn’t have dreamed about otherwise.

Within the industry I would like to become a modeller using Zbrush – to sculpt creatures and characters for games or films. It would be extremely cool to see a monster or character I have modelled on the big screen or in a AAA game.

My most fond memories from the degree are spending time with everyone in class and having discussions about random topics which would end up being super funny towards the end of the conversation. We would simply go off the topic all the time!


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