Morgan Leyshon Summons
BSc Architecture

Throughout my final year, a singular project was developed from conception to completion. Studio 3A-3C involved 3 key design considerations. Master planning, conceptualising and detailing.

The development site provided was mostly unoccupied and located in the old industrial district of Swansea, where a large number of residential buildings line the seafront.  An extensive analysis was undertaken to better understand the area and what effects certain strategies would have if implemented. As a result, a comprehensive and geometric approach to the masterplan resulted in a lush, open space with natural flow for the current and predicted footfall.

The focus project taken forward to the design stage was the RSAW Archive and Exhibition Building. After much consideration, a geometric and rugged design with contrasting materials, textures and colours was utilised, creating a monolith structure that responded well to all requirements.  A vivid internal space was envisioned and in the process of detailing, was carried out throughout the duration of the project.

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