Naila Amjad
SHOWS 2020

BA Surface Pattern Design

As a designer I like to create unique and stand out patterns for interiors and homeware. I create highly detailed drawings which are then transferred into digital designs.  My designs are also explored through my commitment to screen printing, lino printing and hand embroidery. I have a love for raised surfaces, textures and bright colours which is quite evident in my work.  

This collection is entitled Nature’s Hide and Seek, based on how nature takes over when humans are not around. My focus has been on found objects, architecture and florals from the Horniman Botanical Garden.  I have included my unique ‘Gold Work’ embroidery skills to highlight the flora and fauna in my designs with a dimension of luxe.   

The collection is framed around a monochrome palette, with a hint of colour to create the perfect mix that inspires thoughts of a beautiful French Château or Italian gold-flecked marble. The final designs are printed on soft velvet for a luxury handle and sophisticated finish.  

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