Naomi Seaward
SHOWS 2020

BA Surface Pattern Design

Naomi is a Textile Designer with a flair for the eccentric and unique, with a keen interest in the scientific side of art, studying botanical illustration and taxidermy. Focusing on detailed hand illustration and painting, her project, ‘The Collector,’ aims to recapture your fascination with the natural world. Returning to a time when the world was still new to us, we began to travel and return with riches from new horizons, exotic furs and feathers were brought back to study and marvel at, and placed in specially designed ‘Curiosity Cabinets’ to share knowledge.  

Naomi enjoys constructing narratives within her designs, and creating dynamic, large scale repeating patterns and co-ordinates that fully explore the story behind the print. Inspired by these exhibitions of wonderous species, this Interior textile and wallpaper collection bursts with flamboyant taxidermized birds interacting with their archival settings and décor, mingling with scrolling floral motifs.