Nathan Chaplin
Games Designer
SHOWS 2020

BA Computer Games Design

Before joining Uni, I studied on a  BTEC in ICT at Neath College. Here I learnt several different areas of computing but Game Design stood out as a key area for me and made me look for this course. I love the fact that you can make and push what can be created in games and build a new world for people to enjoy.

The course has helped me realise how to work more efficiently by myself and in a team. I have developed my skills in researching, 3D modelling and with the Unreal Engine, acquiring these skills from the assistance of team members and lectures. In these past three years, I’ve enjoyed learning about new software’s, making new mates and learning the fundamentals of how to design and create a video game. From the start, I didn’t have any prior experience with creating 3D models. I now have an understanding of how to make a game from the design phase all the way to adding the final touches to the game.

My goal after leaving Uni is to keep improving my skills in Unreal Engine. I want to be able to make a lot more games in my spare time with multiplayer functionality and to develop my modelling skills to help me create these games. I would aim to get a job as a technical games designer. This will allow me to take everything I have learnt and keep improving my skills, as well as making a new experience for players to enjoy.

There were a lot of memories I have made from joining this course, however, the biggest memory I will take away is Giga Chess, which was the game we created in the second year which holds so many fond memories.


TheOuterRim Gameplay

TheOuterRim Wave Mode Gameplay

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