Owen Dean
Film & TV Graduate
SHOWS 2020

BA (Hons)
Film & TV

Owen Dean is a welsh film-maker graduating from BA Hons Film & TV. Specialising in production management and screenwriting, his works tend to address themes of memory, social issues, communication and our relationship with technology. 


Inspired by that summer’s Extinction Rebellion protests, Impronta (2019), is an experimental short film that contemplates our role in the preservation of the environment and the effects of pollution. 

Captured on the Italian coastline, with an international cast and crew. This film has been designed to remind audiences that global warming isn’t something that just affects one group of people. But, it affects us on a global scale. Encouraging all to take some form of action to help preserve and protect the environment. Big or small. 

Impronta has gone on to be nominated for and win awards from around the globe, even appearing in an article written for digital magazine The Scriblerus. 

Producer – Owen Dean, Director – Daniel Greenaway, Cinematographer – Oscar Murphy, Screenwriter – Hannah Farrell,  Editor – Daniel Greenway, Translator – Simmone Colistra 

Stab in the Dark (2020) is not overtly a horror film, but rather uses horror elements to address the constant paranoia and mental scarring that a burglary can cause to a man’s mental health. Throughout the film, the viewer is placed in the footsteps of David. Seeing the world warp into a living horror. 

The film addresses themes of mental health, without it being too on-the-nose or it appearing too opaque. Instead opting to naturally weave it into the narrative. Allowing audiences to slowly absorb the films message through a combination of narrative and cinematography.  

The film succeeds in inspiring this conversation, without being too on-the-nose. Instead opting for an intimate story about what it feels like to go through the doubts of coming-of-age. Made as a thesis project in the undergraduate program at NYU Tisch School of the Arts, Presentation was originally meant as a proof-of-concept for a series pilot to “showcase an idea that can be developed into something long form.“ 

This graduate project is sadly on hold, after Covid-19 and the following lockdown caused production to be halted. Production is looking to continue once social distancing has been relaxed. Allowing the film to be recorded in its intended nature.  

Producer – Owen Dean, Director – Cai Morgan-Bakarr, Cinematographer – Sam Bevon, Screenwriter – Cai Morgan-Bakarr, Script Editor – Owen Dean, Editor – Talisha Weston

Under an advertisement commission for Fahrenheit Press The Woman With A Bullet In Her Leg (2019). Following the aftermath of the Bulkan Wars, Neda Panic finds herself caught in a maelstrom of sex, drugs and violence while traversing through the underworld of Belgrade. 

The harsh crimson light draws the viewer into Neda’s dark and dangerous world. Introducing them to the key elements of the narrative. While also teasing the audience to what they may encounter while reading. Drawing them into this thrilling Bulkan Noir novel. 

Producer – Amani Khan, Director – Owen Dean, Cinematographer – Thomas Williams, Screenwriter – Owen Dean & Thomas Williams , Editor – Talisha Weston 

In the graduation project Sam & Sion (2020), we address the importance of schools discussing social issues and the trappings with the lack of good communication between friends. 

This isn’t a film looking to provide the viewer escapism. This is a piece of filmmaking designed to feel current and genuine. Not only entertaining the audience, but hopefully it will make them see the world a little differently.  

Adopting a subtle approach to the story. The viewer never feels like they’re being forced fed a certain narrative, instead they are presented brief glimpses into the titular characters relationship, helping the viewer arrange pieces of a puzzle and allowing them to make their own choices on what is going on.  Sam and Sion never tries to claim to have all the answers, instead encouraging the view to open up a conversation. 

Sadly due to Covid-19 and the nationwide lockdown, Sam & Sion lays incomplete. But, the team is looking at alternatives to completing this work. Brining in animators and voice actors in the hopes to finish this timely piece.  

Producer – Owen Dean, Director – Cai Morgan-Bakarr, Cinematographer – Jean Patterson, Screenwriter – Owen Dean, Script Editor – Jay Bonser, Editor – Talisha Weston, Art Director – Eve Bryan 

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