Peter Rees
BA Creative Music Technology

Peter Rees was born in New Zealand and has a background in writing, publishing and illustration. H grew up during the heyday of the US space program, watching astronauts on TV splashing down in black and white. Peter’s major project, myopia, is an homage to that outward-looking era of optimism and promise, which also saw the arrival of the first affordable synthesizers. Thanks to this historical coincidence, the eerie bleeps and sighs of voltage-controlled circuits will forever signify a late-twentieth century idea of space.

Even now, I like to seek out uncanny sounds, which is why I enjoy working with not just synthesizers, but also synthetic and manipulated vocals.

On Peter’s Soundcloud you can find the full version of myopia, as well as a shorter playlist of extracts from it called Low Earth Orbit.

“Up in the air … and down” [Music video assignment]

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