Rebecca Williams
SHOWS 2020

Art & Design Foundation

My project has developed from a particular interest in the social and cultural attitudes to gender, particularly in France. Since the limitations of lockdown Coronavirus has impacted my work conceptuallyand materially as I rely on those in my home. The extreme  social measures of distancing and contamination prompted my research into  dystopian worlds,  where social norms become inverted or heightened.  

Social distancing has meant a decline in harassment in public spaces, but domestic violence in the home has been on the increase. This  statistic urged me to consider how society  might  target inequality if it was viewed with the same urgency as  Coronavirus. It  also prompted  me  to consider  how we might demonstrate this solidarity through a socially engaged practice.  

My final piece,  ‘A Postal Event’, involved sending a textile symbol to friends and family during lockdown  in the hope of  inspiring positivity  and a sense of togetherness, and was informed by the feminist art practitioner Monica Ross’s concept of ‘A Postal Event’ in the 70’s, which tackled the  isolation and prejudice faced by women artists at the time, whilst addressing my own interests in social inequality.