Rhiannon Thomas
Film & TV Graduate
SHOWS 2020

BA (Hons)
Film & TV

Hello, my name is Rhiannon Thomas and i’m currently studying Film and Television Production at UWTSD. My love for film, television and performance has always been a big part of my life, including being around the theatre in dance shows and studying media studies in school. A big part of why I chose to study Film and Tv was a visit to the set of BBC’s sherlock which ignited a fire inside of me to pursue my higher education in Television Production.  

Throughout the course I’ve experimented with many different styles,genres and roles. By doing this I realised that the role of directing and the genre of documentary is where my skills are shown the strongest. Not only that but I also realised that presenting and interviewing is something that I have a passion for as my confidence grew throughout the course.  

I chose directing and presenting documentaries as this is the genre and role that really made me passionate about the project that I was making. I loved every aspect of production in this genre and I feel like I found my love for film once again once I began creating and presenting documentaries.  

In my role as director in multiple documentaries, trailers and short films, It’s given me the confidence and drive to ensure that I give all to my role to ensure that my passion is shown throughout the work. As for presenting, I’ve taken time to ensure that I find my style of presenting to show my confidence and personality on camera to ensure that the audience is comfortable watching my work.  

My biggest project that I worked on in these roles was my graduate project ‘Cam Girls: Behind The Lens’. Through creating this documentary I got to brush up on my skills as a director and presenter and really define my style. This project was a huge passion of mine and although I wasn’t able to complete the film in full, I will be finishing the film even after I graduate from the course. This film was inspired by my research from my dissertation, in which I looked into sex and the sexualisation of women in film and questioning wether it helps or harms the feminist movement. I believe that the research from my graduate project prepared me in putting what information I found regarding the film industry and asking the same questions for the online sex industry.  

As for my career in the film industry, I’d like to take what I’ve learned from my dissertation and graduate project to ensure that I can become a successful female filmmaker in a male dominated industry. I hope that the skills and confidence that I will take with me from the course will help me find my own place in the industry and become a part of a new generation of female filmmakers.  

CamGirls Behind The Lens (trailer)

This piece is a trailer/ opening scene for my graduate project. I directed and presented this piece which was used for advertising and fundraising for my graduate project.  

Lewis and Antti interviews

This piece is an interview that I directed and presented focusing on the guest lectures teaching a course being taught in UWTSD.  


This piece is a short film that I directed called ‘The Journalist’. This piece helped me experiment with different genres and gave me good practice into my role as a director. The piece follows a young journalist looking to investigate a cult, but once he sneaks into the building rumors of the building begin to come true.  

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