Rhodri Thomas
BA Creative Music Technology

Swansea based musician Rhodri Thomas was born in the same village as The Velvet Underground’s John Cale and has been making music under a mind-boggling number of pseudonyms and bands for over 20 years. This is a testament to Rod’s unquenchable thirst for creating sound. From making cut-up tapes of radio jingles as a kid to living off jam sandwiches whilst touring the UK in his 20’s Rod has never really stopped chasing the thrill of playing and making music. 

Rhodri’s personal musical manifesto is to keep all channels open.  Similar to a human YouTube algorithm, Rhodri soaks up influences in Punk, Electronic music and everything in between.

[Music Technology at UWTSD in Swansea] is an amazing opportunity to work in a creative space with some like-minded souls under the guidance of brilliant tutors.

Under lockdown, however, Rhodri has been holed up in ‘The Sawmills’, his musical headquarters where he releases music under the name ‘Skull Honours’. This project has enabled Rhodri to put into action what he has learned so far on the course.

The future, whilst uncertain, is looking toward another exciting academic year at UWTSD and hopefully more opportunities to hone his creative practice.

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BA Creative Music Technology