Samuel Rees
SHOWS 2020

BA Transport Design

Samuel  Rees is a contemporary artist, designer and modeller. He is often described as a perfectionist, attention to detail comes naturally. Inspired by the work of artists, natural forms, colour and clean lines his course outcomes pay tribute to his hard working and innovative approach. 

Sam creativity was nurtured from childhood. He grew up surrounded by artistic inspiration as part of a creative family who took the approach of thinking outside of the box, solving problems with interesting solutions, always pushing the boundaries. This experience meant that from an early age and particularly throughout his educational journey Sam had a passion for design expressing an interest in both form and colour. During his GCSE and A level studies, Sam’s design work was recognised and was awarded an Intellectual Property Award from the Welsh Education Minister Kirsty Williams. His work was patented in 2019. 

Sam enjoys creating 3D models and sculptures both physically and digitally. His interest in Transport  Design and the automotive industry provides the opportunity for Sam to explore this field further in more depth, which has been demonstrated by his final project. He aspires to the opportunity of one day becoming a hard modeller.

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