Sara Griffith
SHOWS 2020

BA Surface Pattern Design

Sara’s aim in her work is to show the beauty of the Welsh landscape surrounding her home, through contemporary textiles for fashion. Whilst wandering the fields of her farm, and the mountains around, she’s often wondered how the shapes and patterns you see can be altered and changed into beautiful designs on fabric.  This notion has formed the basis of the final collection – she has manipulated these initial inspirations into stitch, print and embroidery.  

After graduating she aspires to work for a high end fashion company to gain experience and knowledge in the fashion industry to then set up her own fabric print design business in the future.    

Throughout her 3 years of study in Surface Pattern Design, Sara has thoroughly enjoyed the dyeing process due to the wonderful element of surprise when a new and unexpected colour appears. Also being able to create new textures with a variety of fabrics and the idea of experimenting with different materials excite her.