Sarah Grossey
SHOWS 2020

Art & Design Foundation

My work approaches the question of what might be classed as fake in our lives?   For something to be real does it have to  be  natural? Without the influence of social media and celebrities, by avoiding tabloid newspapers and online news articles, is it possible to focus on what reflects the life I want to live, representing the things I believe, whether I currently practice those ideals or just aspire to them?   

This project has developed from initial ideas  of displaying what I see as my own ‘real life’, to how I perceive the world and  the impact that large events  have on it and how they in turn impact  on  my life?    In recognising the impact my own  actions  have and how these can be altered or  have a positive impact on my life and the environment, I  aimed to use as many sustainable and environmentally friendly methods  as possible. The materials I’ve used have included wood collected from the beach, recycled milk cartons, as well as plants, seedlings  and soil. 

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