Sean Deacon
SHOWS 2020

BA Automotive Design

I  am a life-long motoring enthusiast and passionate about automotive design.  

Hardy, robust, agile, strong, resourceful, speedy, alert, bold,  reliable –  these are all characteristics of the  Lapphund  dog, loyal companion to the Sámi people. Qualities I have replicated in the design of its namesake concept vehicle as it also serves as protector and servant to the Sámi on their long, arduous travels.  

Inspiration for my design came from a holiday to Norway, where I spent an evening at a traditional reindeer farm immersed in  Sámi culture. The Sámi are an indigenous people to the northern regions of Scandinavia and Russia and for many, their way of life has largely remained traditional, revolving around the cycles of herding reindeer long distances across harsh and inhospitable terrain. It is these treks, that were completed using sleds and dogs, and more recently with snowmobiles, that have inspired and influenced the direction of my design. The  Lapphund  delivers a new transport solution, for now and the future, providing a safe and tough, yet comfortable and stylish vehicle that also considers sustainability and environmental impact.  

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