Simon Fudge
SHOWS 2020

Art & Design Foundation

My work explores issues and themes such as narrative, decline,  exploitation, street theatre and the possibility of the unexpected within the city and urban environment.  

Restrictions imposed by new laws brought about by the Covid19 illness resulted in an approach to documentation that focused on the new stark reality of existence during lock down; the risks, the confinement, the unhinging of life, the banality and unreal nature of the situation and the radical irony of the everyday mundane.  

Through the circumstances of the virus restrictions I was drawn to the work of  Stephen Shore and Jean Baudrillard in relation to their representations of the apparently ordinary.  This approach seems to possess an element of banal inscrutability requiring  from the viewer an intense scrutiny to try to discover a narrative.   

If the documentation of these prosaic items and actions say something about their user, it is difficult, as an artist, to disregard what might be discerned by a judgemental  viewer.  Perhaps, though, if we follow Baudrillard, that viewer can never know how real an image is, if they are not real, stable or true.