Stephanie Nicholas
SHOWS 2020

BA Surface Pattern Design

‘Avventure – Bellezza – Milano’  

The ideas behind my Personal Major Project are inspired by my journey through Milan. I began with looking into what elements can be brought into a living or workspace area, that heightens our wellbeing and happiness. My focus has been to develop a luxurious interiors collection of maximalist prints, utilising a rich, dark palette, blending biophilia and Milan inspiration.  

I have learnt that I am most happy and most productive when designing and making with my hands and body, such as screen printing and relief block printing, painting and drawing, which I hope to explore and integrate further on MDes. 

I have developed a love for repeat patterns and designing specifically for commercial and home interiors.  After graduating with Master of Design next year, I hope to be more prepared to work within the wallpaper and printed textile industry.   

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