Shows 2020

The Class of 2020 have been dealt challenges none of us knew to prepare for.  They have picked themselves up, they have found innovative ways to stay creative and reach new heights in their practice.  None of them have looked for easy ways out – they have risen to the challenge of learning, stretching and creating to the end. 

We have been inspired by their progress, their ability to adjust, refocus and create beautiful work.  They have proven themselves to be resilient, versatile problem solvers.  They have been unwavering in their commitment to their design futures, making themselves so employable through their conduct and professionalism. 

We celebrate this group for their triumph over adversity, but we will also celebrate their unique student journey and talent.  This group boasts idott winners, and live projects with the likes of Mark Eley, Hallmark and St Fagans. They exhibited at Clerkenwell Design Week last summer with live project partners Orangebox – a highpoint for all of us.  As individuals they have sought out incredible external liaisons, impressing us with their growing confidence, the knowledge they have brought back, and their determination to establish themselves as contenders for the future. 

The Class of 2020 are the ones to watch!  We invite you to support them, follow them, get in touch, collaborate with them, give them a chance.  It’s safe to say this group have got what it takes.   

Georgia McKie  

Programme Manager 

MDes Surface Pattern Design

BA Surface Pattern Design