Thomas Richards
SHOWS 2020

BA Photojournalism & Documentary Photography

Thomas Richards (22) is a Swansea born artist creating work through the medium of photography, he investigates the concept of the hidden; seeking to resurrect substances planted into occult. He realises this through utilising the manipulation of images both contemporary and archival. His practice considers the historical, contemporary and future impact of pollution. Within his most recent body of work Copperopolis he invites the audience to be a spectator, bearing witness to hidden pollutants which taint the skin of Swansea’s historic copper industry. Careless defilement of the past has encroached into our time, the past has been merely paved over by current generations. We’re living in the era of mass-produced commerce, insofar as an equal production of waste is returned from these hallow factories. New landscapes are erected above these toxins produced from waste; old landscapes left to rot and be forgotten. Within Richards’ photographs you’re made aware of the space around you and the world beneath you, connecting both contemporary and past spaces. 

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