William Scott

William’s background and experience relates to woodwork (i.e. guitar luthier) and live performance. 

William has extensive experience of performing in live music settings and has organised a plethora of gigs, jam sessions and open mic nights across the United Kingdom.

William is an accomplished luthier, making bespoke instruments for professional musicians and providing a repair service for broken or mistreated instruments.

William’s current interests involve performing with technology in live musical settings, using software and hardware systems to extend what can be achieved within a live music setting.

Through studying on the Creative Music Technology course at the Swansea College of Art at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David, William has successfully developed his knowledge and skillset:

I had no idea what I was getting into when I started at University, with the benefit of hindsight it’s safe to say I was not fully prepared. Prior to starting the course, my main use of computers was for Facebook, emails and eBay. I had barely looked at a Digital Audio Workstations let alone used one. I didn’t even know what an audio interface was or even that you needed one to produce high quality recordings.

I threw myself in at the deep end. I’ve coughed and spluttered and frantically waved my arms around throughout the duration of the course. There have even been many occasions where I’ve sworn that I’d had enough and was going to quit (even up to this final term).

Yet here I am, quite surprised at my own tenacity. I’ve developed and created systems that I hope to use in a practical way to enhance my live performance setup and output on the professional stage.

I’ve also had the opportunity to develop knowledge of a range of recording studio-based hardware and software which has allowed me to gain extensive experience of recording a variety of musical styles and genres in live and studio-based environments.

At the outset of the course, my initial aim was to broaden the armoury of sounds and techniques I bring to the professional live performance environments in which I perform. I feel that I’ve successfully achieved this aim through studying on the Creative Music Technology course. Hopefully, through sharing my knowledge and experience by working and performing in the professional realm, I’ll inspire others to do the same.”

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