Zach Dunlap
SHOWS 2020

Art & Design Foundation

My project was sparked by the work of artist Aimee Lax who uses clay and ceramics to talk about the nuclear and environmental disinformation that is disseminated to the masses. This really resonated with me and so I began to spend more time in the ceramic studio to explore this idea myself. I started slip casting an object, but using its softened and delicate state to twist, distort, and move the objects form. I wanted to use techniques that showed the beauty, but also told a story. The process of burnishing has a huge amount of scope and the true mastery of this skill gives incredible results – textual, tactile, visual.  

It was difficult to remain motivated given the Covid19 pandemic and the clay forms that I made are simple but elegant. I spent weeks circling ideas until they each emerged.  The spike is my representation of the lockdown and the pandemic.