Zoe Noakes
SHOWS 2020

BA Surface Pattern Design

My studio practice is founded on broad theoretical and philosophical research into the trans-disciplinary nature of Pattern, as itself. This body of work is an exploration, distortion & re-imagining of patterns and structures connected to growth and formation.  

No pattern or structure in nature is static; they ebb and flow, eternally dancing around us and within us. Shifting forms choreographed by internal and external forces and fields of energy, moving like shadows. Everything is in flux, moving between states of being made, unmade and remade, forever spiralling…   

#The Shadow Garden. 

My final collection was designed as an immersive glass installation that would bring people together, inspire them to ask questions and cultivate a curiosity about the magic of nature and its patterns. During lockdown, I’ve been challenged to present my work digitally, resulting in a series of photographic lighting experiments; a glimpse of how the glass and shadows would be experienced within a space. 

Next, I aim to physically exhibit this collection and plan to study MA Glass (and hopefully PhD) to further research and explore the potential of Pattern as a tool to reintegrate our knowledge and understanding of the sciences, arts and natural systems. 

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